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Deep Mined Christmas Holiday SALE!

jPark ADMIN posted Dec 19, 17

Get 50% off ALL RANKS in our Christmas Holiday SALE! Be sure to grab a new rank for the season before its too late!

Sale expires Jan. 8, 2018


Deep Mined MC #1 Towny Server!

jPark ADMIN posted Dec 14, 17

Deep Mined - #1 Nostalgic Towny Server

99% uptime, new and improving towny server. 

IP: mc.deepminedmc.com

Exclusive Features: 

  • [Towny] - Create Towns, Expand to a nation, Earn cash and more! 
  • [ChestShop] - Player-based economy with your favorite shop plugin, you set the rules! 
  • [GUIs] - Custom GUIs (/warp, /help,/ranks) 
  • [CustomRanks] - Custom ranks, make it to the top with economy based ranking system! 
  • [TreeFeller] - Tired of tediously chopping down trees? No more with the treefeller instantly cut down trees with any axe!
  • [McMMO] - Your favorite RPG plugin! 
  • [Jobs] - Join jobs, Earn money, Work your way to the top and earn from them all!