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Town mayors should now be able to assign the ranks of Builder and Greeter.  Builder can build anywhere in town that is NOT owned by resident.  Greeter can invite people to join town.

Custom mobs with levels and some interesting behaviours are being seen in the wild.  So be careful.  They can get out of hand sometimes.  It is still being adjusted.

Fishing contest has had some work done in it so it was a bit out of whack but now has more cutom fish and some better non fish items.


Klawdek ADMINo posted Mar 8, 18

Fishing contest with custom fish. (three player minimum)
Can purchase up to 10 bonus plots.
Jobs xp and money boost event.
New Admin shops.
New fishing area.

All in beta and settings subject to change.

The Discord server is back up.  https://discord.gg/qssebYN

Also we are continuing to work on things including new Admin shops and fishing area.

End/Nether World Reset

jPark ADMIN posted Jan 20, 18

Hey DeepMined community, been a while since we've posted a new update, and to start off before the release of the new planned updates, the Nether and End worlds have been reset. This will give everyone an opportunity to explore newly generated castles and biomes, and a better chance at grabbing the rare items everyone desires so much. :) 

This is the official list of changes and updates taking place with Update 0.1.

New Recipes

To spice up the gameplay, and bring new builder features; we have brought to you a new set of craftable items/recipes. These recipes will be accessible by all players.


  • All wool can be smelted to result in the same color glass

Limited Time Christmas Armor

Available only until Jan. 8, 2018

Builder Features

With this update, we have now added the use of elevators, gates, and bridges, allowing for much more in depth Towns/builds. All default ranks can use these mechanics, however only specific ranks can create them.


Gates can be used with fences, ironbars, or glass panes. The maximum columns a gate can have is 14, and the maximum height for these columns is 12. Anything more and the gates will not work!  A sign must be placed next to the already built and filled in gate. On the middle line type [Gate] . Thats it! The creation of gates will only be allowed for champion+ . The gates CAN be used with redstone so feel free to get creative!


While stairs can definitely do the job, there is nothing more efficient and simpler than a teleportation elevator! Make custom named floors and instantly teleport from room to room allowing for easy access and more creative builds. Just place a sign and on the middle line type [Lift Up] Or [Lift Down] . There must be a sign above or below for it to work! Add a custom name to the Floor on the first line of the sign. Elevators can only be created by Wardens+


Have a giant castle?, a house above a lava moat?, whatever the case may be, you can now create automatic bridges to add to your amazing builds! The max bridge length is 30 and the max width is 5. Place a sign in and type [Bridge] in the middle. Bridges can be used with redstone and can be created only by Kingsguard rank+

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